Taj24 Ltd. provides an Excellent Business Opportunity to business aspirants who want to excel their business career in Branding, Advertising, Digital Marketing and Training. We at Taj24 Ltd. create a global gateway for our partners and our cutting edge system helps them to stay on top of their game. Our highly qualified and experienced team works seamlessly to provide a great experience from the start of any project to hand over and beyond.

Taj24 Ltd. brings the franchise opportunity to budding entrepreneurs to take part in our goal of becoming a global leader in Digital Industry. When a brand is successful in its local or regional place, most of the businesses adapts franchise business model by just sharing their brand names. However, Taj24 Ltd. offer you a different package altogether.

We at Taj24 Ltd. not only share our brand name and business process with you but also support you with our strong HR capabilities. That is the reason we came up with dual model approach incorporating two business units of Taj24 Ltd. –Web Solutions and IT Training under one roof.

India’s IT firms are working with academic institutions and setting up in-house institutes to groom the right talent as these companies move to Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies.

The highly experienced and strongly built sales team of Taj24 Ltd. will support our partners for winning potential businesses across various industries. Training Team, on the other hand, will train and prepare the strong pool of efficient and skilled manpower. The students who are interested in pursuing their digital career will be fetched from various colleges and trained with our application based course. Taj24 Ltd. guarantees these students with exciting job opportunity and will be placed at various offices of Taj24 Ltd. across India.